Parts Assembly

Designing for Assembly

Design for manufacture and assembly (DFMA) is a practice of designing components with the complete manufacturing process in mind. Consider the injection molding design phase uses a design for assembly method. In this case, this technique focuses on designing the part with as few pieces as possible. It emphasizes using the fewest parts and materials without sacrificing efficiency and productivity. Furthermore, the design technician will consider the quickest and smoothest transitions throughout production and assembly.

Simplifying the process can significantly impact the project’s final cost. Such concepts as integrating fasteners directly into the plastic part’s design may reduce costs and labor fees. Simplicity is key when it comes to plastic parts assembly.

Example of Plastic Parts Assembly Services

Plastic parts assembly can be as elaborate or simple as the project outline deems necessary.

Your plastic part may need one screw or multiple moving parts and various assembly services. Accordingly, Integrated Molding Solutions helps you find the right assembly method. We focus on economical options and provide the best benefits in the overall application of the final part.

Often in injection molding, a part’s schematic demands parts assembly after manufacturing. Very rarely is a project completed with one single part. Most components require multiple parts assembly and additional service options to complete the final part before delivery.

Professionals who consider your agency’s manufacturing needs.

Sometimes when you are thinking about the part you need and concentrating on the part’s function, you may overlook important factors. For instance, does your piece require reassembly or disassembly? If there are components within your plastic part that may need repair, disassembly and reassembly are vital to not make the entire element obsolete under a subpart component failure. Glue, adhesive bonding, UV bonding, and heat staking are generally irreversible. Whereas mechanical fastening, snap-fit, and press-fit allow reassembly for repairs and replacing consumable parts.

Under regular use, the final product’s strength also impacts the construction process and decisions.

For instance, design professionals consider precisely how many fasteners and what types to use for accuracy and stability without impeding the product’s functionality. Does your part need one screw and bolt, or multiple? Will your design need to reduce friction? Our design experts help you decide on small details that significantly impact your part’s overall performance and reliability.

Adhesive and
Solvent Bonding

Adhesive and solvent bondings are irreversible processes and do not permit disassembly.

Mechanical Fastening

Mechanical fasteners have the distinct advantage of offering disassembly and reassembly.

Molded-In Inserts

Insert molding is a systematic process of modeling thermoplastic material around an additional component.

Tapping or
Thread Cutting

Tapping and threading produce threads on a part for easy disassembly.

Painting &
Pad Printing

These two forms of painting apply color to the part.

UV Bonding

Ultraviolet (UV) bonding is another permanent bonding process.

Heat Staking

Heat staking is another permanent bonding technique.


Electroplating or electro-deposition is a process whereby a metal material coats the surface of a part.

What is plastic parts assembly?

Plastic parts assembly is placing, affixing, binding, and fastening a set of parts together to function as one piece or device. It is often necessary to perform construction on a part as a secondary service to injection molding to finalize the product as one completed part. Parts assembly organizes child parts and subparts to help the workflow of putting together complex pieces.

Building techniques and options come in a wide range of services, including general assembly, heat staking, mold-in insets, adhesive bonding, tapping, thread cutting, electroplating, UV bonding and many more. Assembling a product using bolts, nuts, gears, bonding adhesives, and other techniques maintain the part’s structural integrity to ensure that it does not fail.

Another thing to consider is how your finished product goes together.

Will construction be relatively easy or complicated?
Does the part’s assembly phase require jigs and fixes or specialized tools for final assembly?
Can your design for assembly (DFA) reduce needs?
Are some components easily mistaken for other parts?

If so, use numbering or color-coding to avoid common errors in the build. Integrated Molding Solutions takes the time to make sure your manufacturing process for plastic-injected parts runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible. We save you time and money by heading forward with the most efficient strategy for the best resulting combination of cost and benefits.

IMS delivers flexibility in the process.

We’re always able and willing to adapt to our customers’ needs. We break down the procedure with the customer and devise a budgeted plan for parts that require construction. You’ll work with a team to develop the best-suited options for your time and price. IMS offers mass assembly line production services. Our assembly line currently produces around 300,000 pcs/month. We discuss the full assembly process on a part-by-part basis due to the varying features of each individual part that can change final assembly needs.

After Assembly Packaging & Distribution

IMS shipping & packaging is flexible and reliable. We are flexible in how and where you need parts shipped. For example, do you need boxes or pallets? Do you want them shipped to a central location or shipped nationwide? International shipping is also available. We can even export for pickup if the client wants to pick up the components themselves.

With IMS, you’ll find a shipping option we offer that meets your distribution needs.

Accordingly, we are also reliable in ensuring your parts are packaged adequately and correctly for safe delivery. Depending on the part’s design, size, and fragility, different shipping options exist to ensure your part arrives safely and on time. Multiple shipping options make delivery as easy as possible. Your happiness with our work is the foundation of our reputation. Schedule your next plastic injection molding and parts assembly project today for on-time delivery!