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IMS, a beginning in plastic.

Integrated Molding Solutions was founded in 2003 by Teri Jones and Ken Jones. They began their plastic manufacturing services in Houston, Texas. Teri and Ken opened their new 30,000 square-foot manufacturing operation. They began servicing Houston’s plastic injection molding needs for industries of all shapes and sizes. Starting with a team of industry veterans, the focus and drive of the business quickly became customer-driven.

An experienced, U.S. plastic manufacturer who built a reputation on their quality, delivery, and value.

Almost two decades later, IMS currently operates 12 injection molding machines ranging in size from 40 to 400 tons. Their staff of industry veteran injection molders has incorporated top professionals in the plastic manufacturing industry. IMS is fully capable of handling all your plastic injection molding needs from start to finish. Integrated Molding Solutions begins with a design concept, develops a prototype, and moves through the molding process to project completion.

Integrated Molding Solutions Plastic Manufacturing

A plastic manufacturer dedicated to finding eco-friendly plastic solutions.

Mission Statement:

Quality Proclamation:

IMS maintains an uncompromising commitment to delivering the highest quality designs and craftsmanship in all plastic components that leave our factory fabrication floor. Each manufactured plastic component is checked for consistency in constitution and held to superior quality standards. All products meet our strict regulations before delivery.

Vision Statement:

To be a unique provider in the plastic injection molding industry, focused on environmentally responsible solutions. By utilizing our team of veterans, we enrich our customers experience, provide superior service, and innovate solutions, focused on quality and sustainability.

Integrated Molding Solutions US Plastic Manufacturing

Partner with one of the top US Plastic Manufacturers

Integrated Molding Solutions is a US-based plastic manufacturer committed to providing high-quality plastic products and services to our customers. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, IMS has established itself as a leader in plastic manufacturing, injection molding, and tooling. Our state-of-the-art facility and cutting-edge technology enable us to offer a wide range of plastic manufacturing capabilities, including design, engineering, prototyping, production, and assembly. As a US plastic manufacturer, IMS is committed to supporting the local economy and providing jobs for American workers. Learn more about the benefits of partnering with a US plastic manufacturer like Integrated Molding Solutions.

Integrated Molding Solutions one of the top US Plastic Manufacturers

IMS manufacturing pillars of service:

IMS takes on large and small jobs alike. If you’ve been turned away before, give IMS a call. See the difference in a company willing to work for the customer’s needs. Plastic injection molding and 3D Printing provide you with parts. IMS provides you with solutions.

IMS helps you discover innovative plastic solutions to your fabrication problems. True artisans in the plastic injection industry bring experience, innovation, and knowledge to the table, providing new and creative ideas.
Plastic injection by IMS has multiple quality checks. Therefore our customers can rest assured they’ll get the proper specifications that the project requires. Each plastic part is thoroughly tested and inspected to ensure the utmost quality from the blueprint to assembly. Before IMS delivers your component, it sees multiple quality checks to ensure customers get the best quality finished product every time.

IMS is a full-capacity plastic manufacturing company. Workers train to work from concept to completion, including design conceptualization, prototyping, fabrication, and additional finishing services. IMS can deliver you a perfect finished product from beginning to end in one single plastic manufacturer – Integrated Molding Solutions.

Where plastics are taking us – the future of injection molding!


Plastics are a growing industry that is becoming prominent in the healthcare sector.


Electronics are still a leading sector in the use of plastic resin parts.


The automotive industry is controlling fuel efficiency by switching to lightweight plastics.

Plastics allow industries to explore complex design options. The design options and applications that plastics afford the manufacturer are endless. From rigid to flexible, multi-color to transparent, and even durable to dissolvable – plastics quickly take the lead in design manipulations available within a project scope. IMS offers Injection Molding, Tooling, 3D Parts Printing, Assembly, and Additional Services such as pad printing, heat staking, and painting. If you’ve not investigated plastics as a better alternative for your fabrication project, we encourage you to call us now and see where we can bring you.

Plastics do truly fabulous things.

Custom Injection Molding – Finding Better Solutions

With IMS, you’ll see plastics industry professionals that not only have the knowledge and skill to get the job done but desire to work with customers to find better solutions. IMS’s solid manufacturing process experience and plastics knowledge help build a better plastic part than you’d initially anticipated. IMS strives to take you beyond the norm. IMS design teams give you new solutions and better ideas. Don’t settle for the same designs you’ve used for years.

Plastics technology moves forward, so should your parts expectations.

That’s where Integrated Molding Solutions comes in. IMS is your solution to new innovative ideas that set your company above the competition. Your plastic products will be the best in the industry because IMS strives to make parts better. Function with increased efficiency, look lovelier, and last longer. Begin your new parts fabrication process with innovation and passion behind the wheel.

Plastic Manufacturing dedicated to our customers

We want you to know the dedication we have to our customers.

IMS offers thanks to each and every customer for placing faith in our production services. Our new way of thinking and customer-driven philosophies allow us to help you in ways other industry professionals don’t consider. We’re happy to show our customers that you genuinely come first here at Integrated Molding Solutions.

IMS is a plastic fabrication company changing the plastic injection molding industry in favor of the customer and the environment.

Customer satisfaction is the key component to a long-lasting legacy. Conversely, new technology and innovative solutions are key to customer satisfaction. You can’t hand someone the same old product and expect them to return. You must deliver them something better each time. IMS strives to reach this goal with each customer through their door.

Integrated Molding Solutions is a woman-owned business certified by the State of Texas as a historically underutilized business (HUB). Furthermore, IMS is a UL-registered firm. As a plastic manufacturer, we are proud to be a member of Operation Clean Sweep®. This organization pledges to prevent plastic pellets from entering the environment. This pledge is just the beginning for Integrated Molding Solutions. IMS dedicates research to investigating new and unique ways to do its part to increase accountability to the environment while providing the best in plastic material solutions.

The teamwork behind manufacturing plastic parts.

Integrated Molding Solutions provides flexible service with uncompromised results. IMS utilizes a responsive management team to maintain a company environment that supports teamwork and creativity. IMS is nimble and flexible, allowing business owners to feel comfortable working to devise new solutions and better products. Innovation, analysis, and discovery can bring about industry revelations.

IMS’s proven team of manufacturing industry veterans focuses on customer solutions and the highest quality tooling and plastic part design and production. IMS is proud to take on projects that other manufacturers won’t. By utilizing the best artisans, along with the newest technology, equipment, and techniques, IMS delivers value for money on projects of any size.

From a custom plastic manufacturer to our customers.
A thank you note.

We want you to know the dedication we have to our customers. IMS offers thanks to each and every customer for placing faith in our production services. Our new way of thinking and customer-driven philosophies allow us to help you in ways other industry professionals don’t consider. We’re happy to show our customers that you genuinely come first here at Integrated Molding Solutions.