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Plastic Resource

Integrated Molding Solutions – Plastic Resource for News and Information

As a prominent plastic fabrication company, Integrated Molding Solution’s mission is to partner with businesses, providing environmentally responsible solutions for global demands in plastic. Therefore, we would like to share the experience and knowledge we’ve gained over the last 20 years in the plastics industry. Below you will find our plastic resource center, a collection of informational & educational articles, plastic industry news, events, and more.

Integrated Molding Solution’s Most Popular Plastic Resources

Full Plastic Resource Collection

Precision Injection Molding & The Manufacturing Benefits

Focused Areas of Precision Injection Molding: Design, Manufacturing, and Quality Control Precision is a crucial element in the world of manufacturing, and IMS engineers have the expertise to achieve precision consistently. When it comes [...]

An Engineer’s Guide to Low and High Volume Injection Molding

Whether you need a single plastic prototype or millions of plastic parts, IMS has the technology and experience to manufacture any volume of quality plastic products. At IMS, we take a holistic approach to [...]

A Plastic Molding Company Dedicated to Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

We take sustainability seriously. IMS is an injection molding company constantly working toward reducing our carbon footprint. We know that plastic manufacturers don’t generally have a good reputation when it comes to being environmentally friendly. [...]

Reshoring: The Growing Benefits of Plastic Manufacturers in the US

Changes for Plastic Manufacturers based in the United States. In the 1950s and 1960s, made-in-China products were unheard of in the United States. Since the 1970s, however, the US has become increasingly dependent on [...]

Making Plastic Products: The Injection Molding Process

How are plastic products made? Making plastic products is a complex, multi-step process. Integrated Molding Solutions simplifies it. We are here to guide and advise you with fairness and decades of experience in the plastic injection [...]

Sustainable Plastic Materials for Plastic Product Fabrication.

Types of Sustainable Plastic Materials for Plastic Product Fabrication. Prior to the development of sustainable plastics, traditional plastics were sourced exclusively from fossil fuels. In the traditional plastic production process, fossil fuel is [...]

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