Custom Plastic Fabrication Solutions

As a prominent plastic fabrication company, IMS specializes in custom manufacturing and injection molding services. Plastic parts manufacturers allow for precision accuracy held consistently throughout thousands of replications. Custom plastic fabrication is the new solution for your plastic manufacturing needs.

Custom Plastic Fabrication Solutions

As a prominent plastic factory, IMS specializes in custom manufacturing and injection molding services. Technology is driving injection plastic molding forward. High-quality plastics are your modern alternative to metal fabrication.

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A single resource for precision plastic production.

IMS is your single resource for high-precision plastic material parts manufacturing. Consider whether you need plastic injection molding, 3D printing, tooling, heat staking, pad printing, or painting. From start to finish, IMS – plastic fabrication company can complete your plastic manufacturing.

We’ll go over the entire custom plastic fabrication process with you.

You can rest at ease knowing trusted plastic manufacturing company professionals handle your parts. Best of all, we’re your knowledgeable resource for solutions to manufacturing complex components. As a high quality, plastic fabrication company, we deliver manufactured parts with perfect precision quality and low costs. Don’t trust your manufacturing to anyone less than IMS. Be the next company to find a new purpose for plastics. Integrated Molding Solutions; experienced plastic fabricators, who are making plastic parts the solution.

Integrated Molding Solutions Plastic Manufacturing Parts

IMS – Your local plastic fabrication company.

The hustle and bustle of the working world never stop. Custom plastic fabrication is no exception to the rule. Plastic injection molding is rising in popularity due to changes in technology and innovations in plastics that custom fabrication offers. Integrated Molding Solutions creates even the most diverse pieces and intricate shapes.

At Integrated Molding Solutions, we pride ourselves on quality control and maintaining consistency for precision injection molding throughout the entire manufacturing process. Your last molded part will maintain the same quality as the first part we manufactured. Therefore, our clients get the perfect product delivered to your door on time and ready for use.

Our plastic fabrication services and manufacturing specialties.

Integrated Molding Solutions works mainly in consumer and engineer-grade resins. Our facility is a 30,000 sq. foot plastic factory with a 25,000 sq. foot plastics manufacturing production floor. Besides specializing in custom plastic injection molding, we build reputations with our customers. IMS gets to know the goals of our customers so we can continue to help you reach your aspirations. IMS further has the flexibility to accept large and small jobs alike.

We specialize in plastic fabrication of products from start to finish. Therefore, we also offer additional plastic services to complete your parts fabrication needs. We offer custom parts assembly of components, pad printing, and heat staking, plastic welding, and more.

Hear What Our Clients Say About Our Plastic Fabrication Services!

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Bryan HickeyBryan Hickey
23:40 19 May 23
Working with IMS is exactly what I needed for my project. The personal and professional experience has been outstanding! Thanks Chase for all of your hard work, attention to details, and guiding me towards the best outcome for my project!
Rick JohnsonRick Johnson
15:37 18 Apr 23
Great experience working with Chase and his team. They helped with our plastic products design making our tooling costs more effective and the finished product quality was excellent! Gonna be bringing all of our plastic manufacturing work to them from now on.
Rion SinduckRion Sinduck
19:29 15 Jul 22
Quality Parts and Great Customer Service! Ask for Cole or Chase and they will take care of everything from design, material, and assembly! Highly Recommend

Knowing what plastic works for your needs.

Plastic materials offer great solutions to industry parts. Plastics and polymers provide multiple solutions with a diverse range of characteristics. For example, you can find rigid or flexible plastics, in almost any color, smooth or textured. IMS’s advantage is knowing the inherent properties of the plastics we manufacture so we can help guide you to pick the choice best suited for your needs. Also, plastics are known for lasting durability and flexibility in production that metal cannot offer. IMS is a leader in manufacturing mass quantity plastic parts.

IMS, A Plastic Fabrication Company Dedicated To Precision & Quality

IMS also provides the necessary quality and process control reports to guarantee that everything runs smoothly. First Article Inspection (FAI) and Complex Process Capability (CPK) studies, as well as other testing and calibration, are provided on every project. Additionally, IMS houses a fully equipped quality control lab and toolroom. Similarly, we have a separate temperature-controlled storage area for your molds. Temperature-controlled storage protects tooling from erosion. We catalog and store molds here for later use.

Our Mold Options

With five different mold quality classes (SPI Mold Standards), you’re certain to find specifications that build success in your next parts manufacturing project. We’ll get you in the proper class for the results you want. Production capacity ranges from less than 500 to over 1-Million.

Tooling services from mold design to repairs and maintenance.

Our wide range of plastics services handles all your plastics challenges and project needs. IMS professionals fully understand the project details and help you make the choices that bring your project to success. Additional service capabilities from our plastic fabrication company include assembly, tooling, 3D printing, pad printing, heat staking, and painting.

Benefits of Producing Plastic Parts with IMS

  • Resolve Fabrication Challenges

Overcome project challenges with innovative solutions backed by modern plastics manufacturing technology.

  • Custom-Made on Demand

We accommodate high-quality in mass demand with attention to accuracy in precision details and low variance.

  • Modern Fabrication Services

Plastics are a modern alternative to metal that achieve high standards without compromising precision details.

Plastics and resins manufacturing is a 74 billion U.S. dollars industry. Plastic injection molding accounts for approximately 80% of the plastic merchandise in today’s modern plastics industry.

Advances in technology have continued to change the plastics industry and the production process. Stable production and high-quality parts start with choosing a suitable raw material. After which, the mold and injection molding methodology is selected to obtain the best quality part with a stable production line for thousands, even millions, of pieces.

Optimal parameters provide guidelines for getting the highest quality injection molded parts. Therefore, when high precision and performance are necessary elements, you’ll want to optimize your product confines.

Plastic parts are a reliable solution

Each fabrication process has its advantages. Sometimes both may best achieve final results by using the two methods as a complementary pair.

  • Used for large quantity production of thousands to millions.

  • Design and build parts of 40 – 400 tonnage.

  • Maintains tight tolerances that are almost wholly defect-free.

  • Speedy production after tooling phase complete.

  • Multiple texture options to hide defects, increase aesthetics, lower friction, etc.

  • Used for small batch production runs, 500 or fewer.

  • Often do not require additional tooling. Many designs can incorporate the tooling aspects into the design phase.

  • Often used for quick prototyping before injection molding.

  • Accommodates design changes while in production.

  • Reads complicated geometric structure designs easily.

Industries we service with plastic production.

Plastic production industries served are:

Plastic Manufacturing Aerospace Parts
Aviation / Aerospace
Plastic Manufacturing Military Parts
Plastic Manufacturing Electronics
Plastic Manufacturing Consumer Goods
Consumer Goods
Plastic Manufacturing Automotive Parts
Plastic Manufacturing Medical Products
Manufactured Plastic Products
& More

Plastic Fabrication Experience

Combined Years of Experience
0-400 tons
Molding Machine Tonnage Range
Parts Produced

Our Satisfied Customers Include

Plastic Manufacturing Customer Toshiba
Plastic Manufacturing Customer Jabil
Plastic Manufacturing Customer Baker Hughes
Plastic Manufacturing Customer Inventec
Plastic Manufacturing Customer Celestica
Plastic Manufacturing Customer SMART Modular Technologies
Plastic Manufacturing Customer foxconn
Plastic Manufacturing Customer Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Plastic Manufacturing Customer Malvern Panalytical
Plastic Manufacturing Customer HP
Plastic Manufacturing Customer Clear Cube
Plastic Manufacturing Customer National Oilwell Varco

The Modern-Day of Plastic Polymers

Modern technology is innovating the plastics manufacturing industry. Advances in injection molding technology allow for the mass production of complex geometric plastic shapes. In addition, plastics are scientifically engineered materials known for maintaining consistency in plastic parts manufacturing.

The demand for plastic impacts industries such as automotive, medical, electrical, electronics, and more. The plastics industry adheres to regulatory guidelines and United States requirements in the finished product.